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A Life Insurance Consultancy

Our Vision

When it comes to life insurance services, our vision at Petra Life is to provide clarifying insight, objective advice, and thoughtful stewardship. We understand that, for many of our clients, life insurance can be a challenging and confusing process. We help cut through the confusion with concise support, understandable action plans, and a focus on finding the best solution for your unique needs with expert consultancy services.

We offer the option of advice for a fee rather than commissioned product sales to provide objectivity in determining the amount and type of life insurance needed to fulfill our client's goals. We also can handle product placement if desired. We work for you - in the way you prefer. 


Our Services

Petra Life provides a wide range of different consultancy services, for both individual and business situations involving life insurance, disability insurance, long term care and annuities. Here are the services we could offer to you:


Individual Services

Sorting through old policies or considering new coverage can be daunting - we provide clarity. 


Business Services

We work with businesses to provide practical insight to help maximize new and existing insurance accounts.


Charitable Services

Legacy planning often includes support for charitable objectives. We also help local charities in their use of life insurance to help magnify giving capacity. 


Years of

How We Can Help You!

Life insurance can often be confusing and even indecipherable. At Petra Life, we believe in making life insurance simple. We help you by ensuring you have the insight, information, and guidance necessary to make the right decisions. Whether you’re considering life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance, or annuity, we pass our expertise on to you to help make those difficult decisions easier.


We can work on an hourly basis like other professional advisors to help avoid sales pressure for you and to allow us to be totally objective in our analysis and recommendations. 

Life Insurance

With over 50 years of experience in all aspects of the life insurance industry, Petra Life is well placed to help decipher and translate the complexities of life insurance.


Disability Insurance

Often overlooked as a critical part of a solid financial plan, we can help sort through the policy options to find cost-effective benefits. 


Long Term Care Insurance

The greatest expense risk in retirement is probably healthcare - and medicare does not pay for most extended care services. Long-term care planning is essential to a complete financial plan. 


Annuities can help reduce longevity risk in retirement planning but care must be exercised in selecting cost-effective products.

Steve Briggs

Founder & CEO

Steve Briggs

Meet Steve

As the founder and president, Steve Briggs has over 50 years of experience in life insurance sales and the financial service industry. Steve utilizes his experience to help individuals, businesses, and charities thoughtfully handle their valuable insurance assets. 

Genuine Testimonials From Real Clients

At Petra Life, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond to provide insightful, practical, and transparent consultancy to our clients. Here’s what our past clients have to say about the work we do.


When I realized I needed some life insurance, COVID-19 was already a significant issue and I was very concerned with avoiding exposure. Steve worked with us to help us use my own physician for the physical and then negotiated heavily with the life insurance companies to get us a very favorable price.



Since our parents had needed long-term care we were very aware of the costs that can be incurred, especially when the illness drags on. Steve was the first one we met who could explain how these policies work so we could understand them. He helped us obtain a policy that really allows us peace of mind if something should happen to either one of us.

E & J


Steve and his associate provided our CPA firm with a very informative CPE seminar about the long term care market. I had not fully understood the options that our clients might consider when planning for that contingency and appreciated the chance to hear objectively what is happening with the products that are available. Steve is a great resource for us and always is willing to help answer our questions.



We were frustrated with the multitude of proposals for some life insurance on our shareholders to fund our buy-out agreement. We hired Steve to help us sort it through and his recommendation saved us a lot of money by buying the kind of insurance that aligned with our situation far better than what the agents had recommended. We selected a different agent and followed Steve's advice. In fact, we then hired him to help consult on a few business management issues and his deep experience as a business leader helped us position the company for a very successful sale.



We needed to place a significant amount of life insurance for estate liquidity requiring multiple policies on each person insured. We asked Steve to provide objective counsel as we dealt with the insurance agents who would handle the placement of the policies and he helped us understand the breadth of risks inherent in the products recommended. Due to his advice, we have a much better overall risk profile to the policies we purchased and a broader understanding of the varying risks particular to each.



We wanted to leave a gift to one of our favorite charities and Steve designed a remarkable way to gift an existing policy on my wife that we no longer needed while coupling it with additional coverage on me to help endow our annual giving to the charity - and it was incredibly cost-effective.


When my other advisors began encouraging me to consider various estate planning approaches to help minimize the potential tax burden, I thought of Steve as an independent advisor to help me think through the options. He has been remarkably helpful in overseeing my life insurance assets and I have come to trust his objective judgment. Frankly, it is nice to have someone totally sitting on your side of the table, not trying to sell something though he can help with product placement if needed. He is helping us slow down and carefully define our objectives, which I can tell will really help us move toward the right solution.


We had a deferred compensation plan for our employees that none of the key executives who are covered seemed to totally appreciate. Steve helped us review the entire plan, clean up a few rough spots with our accountants, and then talked with the employees to help them fully recognize the benefit that will be theirs if they stay with the company and continue to perform well. Our agent is a good friend but Steve was able to help describe the benefits in terms our team could understand.



When I told Steve my financial situation and he told me I did not really need any more life insurance l knew I could trust him. I then told him additional information about my finances and we agreed that an additional $1,000,000 of life insurance was appropriate. He told me to buy term because my other assets and investments would continue to grow over time and take care of the cash gap and the need would no longer be there, saving significant premium from what another agent had recommended.



When Steve designed my disability policy I did not really believe I would ever need it. But several years later my health changed dramatically and the policy became essential. His advice and the policy he provided have taken the financial stress out of my health issues. He also found a Long Term Care policy that was more comprehensive, yet less costly, than ones being suggested by another advisor.